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The Killjoy is a versatile and robust board intended as a quiver killer. This board features subtle Accelerated Rocker and a rear positioned 'W' concave to allow a nimble and top-mounted ride with usable features to stay locked in. The deck features a compact kicktail to help keep the board maneuverable at lower speeds and in tighter spaces. Wrapped up with a stiff flex, and multiple wheelbase options, this board can be easily used for both downhill and freeride making it the perfect deck for anyone looking to have a 1 board quiver that is capable of being ridden anywhere.

Length - 
Width - 
Wheelbase - 
Concave - 

Accelerated Rocker
Progressive Radial Concave
Rear 'W' Concave
Compact Kicktail
Pressed in Wheel-wells
TSUNAMI TECH Construction
Multiple Wheelbases

Complete Option:
Paris 50º Trucks (black)
Free Spirits Wheels
Free Quickees Bearings
56-Grit Griptape

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