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Flatty Trud


The Flatty Trud is going to make you rethink your 'dick around' board. This board has the slightest concave as well as baby nose and tail kicks making it slightly more functional than a massively warped piece of drywall. BUT, don't buy yet. We make this board in our Tsunami Tech Construction which means that even though it is the least difficult board to press, we overbuild it with the best construction OMEN has ever made, with 2 pieces of amazing never before heard of 'fiberglass' and resin to hold the multiple pieces of maple together for a response that is indicative that this board was salvaged from a project that clearly didn't work. But it is still very cool. This is a limited time offer, as we only have about 15 of them, but trust us. They are really neat.

Length - 35"
Width - 9.2"
Wheelbase - 20"

Collections: Closeout, Longboards

Type: Deck

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