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Minisugar 2.0


The Minisugar 2.0 is built off of the same platform as the Sugarkick, but with only 1 kicktail. This deck gives the rider a more nimble ride capable of all the downhill and freeride maneuvers, while still being prepared for urban environments and tight spaces. The Minisugar 2.0 features the signature Omen Accelerated Rocker, which will comfortable hold your feet in the ideal spots on the deck, while Tsunami Tech construction keeps the board lightweight, durable, and stiff. 

Length - 36.75"
Width - 9.5"
Wheelbase - 24.5" - 26.5"
Concave - .5"

Accelerated Rocker
Progressive Radial Concave
Multiple Wheelbases
Directional Shape
Tsunami Tech Construction

Complete Option:
Paris 50º Trucks (black)
Free Quincy Wheels
Free Quickees Bearings
56-Grit Griptape

Collections: Longboards, SPACECRAFT

Type: Deck

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