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Saltspring Slasher - Omen Longboards goes Island Hopping.

July 07, 2015

Nate Blackburn here to talk to you about one of the most amazing events that I have been to, the Saltspring Slasher, on Saltspring Island in British Columbia, Canada. The Saltspring Slasher is one of the best events out right now in my opinion....

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Richmond Beach skating with Fitz Illingworth.

June 30, 2015

I wake up on the couch after a crazy previous night in the omen skate house. It’s about 10 o’clock and we are all barely waking up. I grab my phone off the table and check all the regular social medias and notifications on my phone. We are greeted by Seattle local and omen/free team rider, Rain Daley...

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Omen Outting

June 29, 2015

Waking up before the sun rose we take to the airport to pick up So-Cal local Fitz Illingworth from the Seattle airport, stoked for him to be here, we take to the Issaquah Highlands along with Canadian visitors Carlos Lascoutx (Owner of TopofTheWorld), Alex Parent, Alex Van Berkel, and myself, Parker Schmidt. We pack the van up and take off.

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