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Richmond Beach skating with Fitz Illingworth.

June 30, 2015

I wake up on the couch after a crazy previous night in the omen skate house. It’s about 10 o’clock and we are all barely waking up. I grab my phone off the table and check all the regular social medias and notifications on my phone.
We are greeted by Seattle local and omen/free team rider, Rain Daley and start planning on where to go skate. Jeremy Shoom, Parker Schmidt, and myself are dropped off at Richmond Beach with a camera and our gear to get some media. The hill is located right off the beach and is a very scenic location to take photos.

We stacked some media and headed off to go do bus runs with Rain Daley, Dave Kercheval, and Eric Krisjansson. The bus drops us off at the top of a run called Panty Raid (I have no idea why they call it that) and we head down following Rain.

The whole run is connected through neighborhoods. There are a couple ways you can take down to the bottom and many different obstacles you can hit to make the run more interesting. We hit driveways, sidewalks, banks, and everything in between. The fastest part of the hill is a really steep neighborhood that you can easily hit hundred footers on.

screenshot of Jeremy Shoom A.K.A Jear Bear hittin a PHAT switch toe

I really like this run because it is really long and although its not the fastest hill in Seattle you can mess around with your homies on the mellow parts.

After hitting the run a couple times we decide to call it a day and head to a local taco shop called El Sabor. I was promised dank burritos by the homies I was with. But me being from Mexico, it takes a really special burrito to please my taste buds. I was obviously disappointed but they were still pretty good. I felt kinda sad for the locals here because they were missing out on what really good Mexican food is.

Anyways enough with my rant. Shoom and I were dropped back off at the hill in the picture above to stack some clips. While walking up the hill I got a call from the homie, Sam Galus. He asked me if we were skating and I told him where. It started sprinkling and he took us to a local spot called kiss and tell.

Here is the wild Samsquanch driving Shoom and I around.

Kiss and tell was cool to skate because I have seen it in so many classic OHEF TV videos and it was pretty sick to be able to skate it. It is over looking the ocean and is a long straight into a righty with many different changes of pavement that is really hard to get a line on.

After a good amount of runs it started to rain and we dipped back home for another crazy night at the Blackburn Residence.
Shout out to Rain Daley and Sam Galus for driving us around and showing us a good time (get your head out the toilet kids).