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Triple Crown of Downhill in Washington State

Triple Crown of Downhill in Washington State

December 03, 2015

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Mountain Explorations - Omen Longboards

October 20, 2015

The Omen Longboards team has had a summer full of awesome adventures, and has traveled to some amazing new hills exploring high and low around North America finding lots of awesome descents to ride their OMEN Longboards down. After traveling, the return to home life had left the skaters wanting more.....

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Mobile Morgan - A retelling of a Summer of Skate Shenanigans

October 09, 2015

As the cold and wet weather takes over the skies, the sun is seen less and less. The traveling subsides along with the weekly events, and as for the fast moving skater, mobility is taken and the mind is allowed to run free, but that doesn't stop the purge of the stories and tales of what took place while away...

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Maryhill Fall Freeride - Pack Riding Playground

October 01, 2015

We just had an amazing weekend at the Maryhill Ratz Fall Freeride in Goldendale, WA. Maryhill Freerides are the best way to ride nuts to butts with some of your best friends down one of the most perfect downhill playgrounds known to longboarders...

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Bodhi Keen - Omen Longboards European Ambassador

September 24, 2015

Bodhi Keen (right) has been traveling through Europe this summer and has been stopping at a considerable amount of different events. We finally got a chance to catch up with Bodhi after his Summer Travels and ask him some questions about life on the road while skating...

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#omenhaulsasstocenmass week 3 and 4 recap

August 28, 2015

As cheesy and played out as it sounds, even though #omenhaulsasstocenmass was about traveling out to the Central Mass 6 Slide Jam, more often then not the journey is just as important as the destination....

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Maryhill She-Ride / Wolfe Family Freeride

August 26, 2015

We started off our Maryhill She-Ride experience with the long and hot process of assembling hay bails on the corners of the hill. When we woke up that morning we noticed that the wind was absolutely howling. It was some of the most extreme winds that we have seen at Maryhill.

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#omenhaulsasstocenmass Central Mass 6 Event Recap

August 14, 2015

Nate here to recap one of the coolest events I have ever been to, Central Mass 6! Once a year hoards of longboarder lay claim to the tiny town of Harvard, Massachusetts for an amazing 3 day longboarding / skateboarding extravaganza!

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Omen Longboards Griffon - Video, Tech Talk, and Specs.

August 11, 2015

Sam Galus has been out skating the new Omen Longboards Griffon and has been filming with Nate Blackburn to create a new video showcasing the awesome functionality of the bi-directional deck, as well as how well it handles technical terrain. Just like the mythical animal, the OMEN Griffon is a creature that is made up of several different ideas....

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#omenhaulsasstocenmass Week 2 Recap

August 06, 2015

 As the sun loomed high overhead the mobile ruckus pulled into East Lansing, Michigan. Action Board Shop was the first and only shop stop of the day, which meant there would be skating in our futures. We went down into the shop and were warmly welcomed as any skater is. Promptly after arriving Jim, the shop owner made a suggestion that none of us could deny. “let’s go skate!” ....

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#omenhaulsasstocenmass Week 1 Recap.

July 28, 2015

As I sit here in Michigan I am amazed at how far and wide the North American Continent is. We are 1/4 of the way through our road trip and things are going amazingly......

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Road Trip - Omen Hauls Ass to Cen-Mass

July 22, 2015

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