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Omen Outting

June 29, 2015

Waking up before the sun rose we take to the airport to pick up So-Cal local Fitz Illingworth from the Seattle airport, stoked for him to be here, we take to the Issaquah Highlands along with Canadian visitors Carlos Lascoutx (Owner of TopofTheWorld), Alex Parent, Alex Van Berkel, and myself, Parker Schmidt. We pack the van up and take off. 

Meeting up with some Issaquah locals as well as some groms we take to “Slug Wars”
Railing into the first corner I see Jeremy Shoom wash out barely missing him and continue my run throwing a quick check into the first left bend
Seshing out this run has been yet one of my favorite times here in Seattle, I was surprised on how quickly the groms progress especially stating the fact that they are able to ride these amazing runs like it’s no problem. Taking photos of a few of the corners at “Slug Wars”
Nate Blackburn railing a hard right burning thane
Fitz Illingworth buttering out a toe
“ Jeremy, do something cool” – Fitz I
Between riding and lurking some Issaquah locals showed up …

Team Canada from Top of the World was doing their part to keep it tight and sketchy …
The Seattle hills and terrain are unlike anything that I have ever encountered in Idaho, they're filled with skillful yet welcoming locals that would show you around anywhere you desire, visiting Seattle is a must and skating with locals will make that an even better experience