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Triple Crown of Downhill in Washington State

December 03, 2015

Triple Crown of Downhill in Washington State

Rain Daley focuses on the quickest way to the podium, photo by Nwest Media.

On the 21st of November we helped organize and run the Washington Triple Crown of Downhill with two other Core Seattle brands. With the help of Subsonic Skateboards and Motion Boardshop we were able to hold a 3 in 1 event that invited skaters from all over the PNW, and as far away as Alaska, Iowa, and Ontario, that provided them with 3 separate races all over the Seattle suburbs to ultimately crown an overall winner. The events included a Techincal Time Trial, a 1 vs. 1 Race, and a Chinese Downhill Race through a college.

Roberto Cobain hanging on through the chicane at Slug Wars, Nwest Media photo.

The first race was held at 10am in the morning and was the Time Trial Race at a local twisting bike path called Slug Wars. This course featured 7 driftable corners with many quick transitions, and some patchy conditions. Each competitor was given a few hours to warm up, and then an average of 3 timed runs to see who could get to the bottom fastest. After 3 hours of fierce competition, the top 4 was separated by less than 1 second.

Podium of the Slug Wars Race:
1st Place - Ryan Villa
2nd Place - Martin Depass
3rd Place - Devon Dotson
4th Place - Rain Daley

Ryan Villa showing some Seattle Pride rocking a drop-deck to victory at the Slug Wars Time Trial. Monkey with the photo.

After the Slug Wars Time Trial we headed over to the "Hospital Path" to hold a 1v1 race where we set up a series of brackets with the help from Bradley Cameron, and his mastery of google docs. This course was 3 times longer in length and featured 1 drifting corner and close to 2 minutes of drafting and passing to determine who would win each heat. It took almost the rest of the daylight to establish a clear winner, and once the dust had settled we were all shocked to see a Canadian come away with the win!

Sam Galus goes for the takeout pass, but Harrison Depass slips away in fear. Nwest Media Photo.

Hospital Path 1v1 Podium:
1st - Paul Song
2nd - Rain Daley
3rd - Dylan Shrimpton
4th - Jackson Wells

Special Celebrity appearance by Cindy Zhou and her trademarked style and smile riding. Nwest Media Photo.

After that we headed over to Motion Boardshop to enjoy some delicious pizza, and watch some longboarding videos thanks to the organizational awesomeness of Jackson Wells!  We waited there till the switch in security guards at the Local University of Washington before we ran our final event which was the most coveted and prestigious of the three events.

This guy was bummed that Nwest Media got such a great picture.

The Chinese Downhill is an event that features a starting location and an ending location, but there is no set route to reach the finish line fastest. Also, everybody starts at the same time which means that it quickly turns into chaos, and a happy go lucky free-for-all where you watch your friends wipe out next to you while weaving down a vast and overlapping system of sidewalks, bike paths, and roads to get to the finish line first! Once the smoke had cleared and we rounded up the stragglers the podium looked like this.

Chinese Downhill Podium:
1st -  Rain Daley
2nd - Simon Snethen
3rd - Paul Song
4th - Connor Harkey

It took master Bradley Cameron a jiffy to calculate and tabulate all of the points for the three events and establish an overall winner, and Champion of the Triple Crown of Downhill.

After his tiny fingers had processed all of the info, the results were as follows:

The stealthy and stylish Jeremy Banting snuck in some runs and showed what a decade of experience looks like as Nwest Media clicks the pic.

Triple Crown Overall Podium:

1st - Rain Daley
2nd - Paul Song
3rd - Simon Snethen
4th - Martin Depass

Special Thanks to Local Brands DUCK PUCKS and OHEF TV for contributing all of the time and organization to make the event happen, and still not having any products to sell! One of these days you will have some products and we will all be stoked.

This is the Event Recap of the Triple Crown of Downhill that was produced by FUCKITENJOY.