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Mobile Morgan - A retelling of a Summer of Skate Shenanigans

October 09, 2015


As the cold and wet weather takes over the skies, the sun is seen less and less. The traveling subsides along with the weekly events, and as for the fast moving skater, mobility is taken and the mind is allowed to run free, but that doesn't stop the purge of the stories and tales of what took place while away! With the many parties attended, campsites destroyed, bottles polished off and skateboards ridden, there is bound to be some sort of story for each event! Omen Longboards was proud to pick up Morgan Owens, an 18 year old kid from Northern California, yearning to be set free to as many skate events as possible. Throughout the summer we sent him from event to event repping us as best he could.


Morgan Owens Spent his summer traveling up and down the coast, across the country and back and now is safe and sound stationed in Seattle, working hard at the factory. As he sits there making boards or typing away at his computer, the events of the recent summer swarm through his head. The First event we sent him to was Danger Bay. He attended this event with fellow riders Nate Blackburn and Devon Dotson. The Danger Bay experience told by Morgan was gnarlier, but more real than any other even he had attended. With a slide comp. and a race, Danger Bay was a weekend jam packed with parting and fun with friends and the Coast longboarding crew! After puking on the side of the slide jam hill, many times, Morgan competed and did pretty well. After staying up for 3 days straight, Morgan still raced. As far as we are concerned, he killed his first Danger Bay! 

Danger bay was fun, but Morgan looked into the future and saw his first tour, so he was beyond stoked to get out and represent us again. The Wheelbase Magazine Keep On Tuckin' 2015 took place from the 20th to the 31st of July. This tour took 6 people almost 2 weeks to do. Traveling from Longbeach, CA all the way to Summerland, BC for the Giants Head Freeride. Along with Morgan, the tour was captained by Marcus Bandy, with passenger David Ruano of Team Killsauce. The riders were John Kruetter, Kai Monroe, Joey Nickle and Devyn Roseman and Morgan Owens. Along the road, Morgan and crew stopped to pump skate parks, slash ditches and mob down hills as fast as possible. As they neared Washington, they made a quick pit stop at the Maryhill Festival of Speed

After saying his hellos, drinking all of his friends beer and annoying the sponsor tents, Morgan headed back into the van with the other hoodlums, packed back up and they headed out to the Giants Head Freeride the next day! After a 12 Hour drive through the night, they showed up to the Freeride only to find a torrential downpour on the hill. Everything was soaked and after a long drive through the night Morgan and the crew were pooped. The team snoozed at the bottom as the rain came down and Morgan grabbed his gear and headed up the hill with the rest of the homies to mob some insane wet runs! The days involved riding the sweet 13 hairpin hill in the rain and the dry, sometimes it was dry up until you went fast then it all hell will be released and dropped on you! Luckily it dried up later in the day on friday  and stayed dry the rest of the time, all the way till the race.  The runs were endless and the grom bombing was in full effect! 


After an exhausting 2 weeks, Morgan headed home and hung out to finish up senior year of high school, before heading up to Seattle to work full time for Omen Longboards.  And by school, he means more skating!! Every time you bring up Mt.Shasta, Morgan bombards you with his stories of the epic roads that lay in the area. The stories of one lane roads with multiple drifts and the high speed of the environment around is amazing. It sounds like a skaters paradise! Wilderness, no people, few cars, nice roads and good times are what lies in the hills surrounding the ever to mystical Mount Shasta! 

As the time came, Morgan Packed up his car and moved up to Seattle, preparing himself for what lay ahead was impossible. The experience started almost immediately after arriving, Nate and Morgan hopped in the van and prepared themselves for a month long tour! The #omenhaulsasstocenmass tour was pretty off the chain, so we wrote a full blog for that, you can find that here!


Throughout the summer Morgan attended a few races too. He went to Danger Bay, Maryhill Festival of Speed, Giants head, Munnsville Gravity Fest, Central Mass 6, Mary She-ride, Cathlamet Downhill Corral, Pikes peak World Cup, Whistler longboard Fest, and the Santa Gnarbara Downhill. We made a blog for the Maryhill She-ride and the Central Mass 6, you can find these here! Morgan traveled to all these races and still magaged to keep track of the team, being the newly appointed Team Manager. As the Races and events added up, the fun times never ended.

The Cathlamet Downhill Corral was the first major event after the #omenhaulsasstocemass tour and let it be told, the event was LIT! As Morgan and Nate packed up the van yet again, they took a crash landing in the camping zone for the riders in Cathlamet, Washington. The race was good, lots of tight passes and some minor injuries, but nothing too bad! Omen had a few riders racing, Morgan got his foot ran over and Nate was in full lurk mode!  Yes, he got his foot ran over by a car the day before the race, and yes Nate was the one to run his foot over! With the Downhill Corral wrapping up, Morgan gathered his gear, healed up from the foot injury and headed out to the Pikes Peak World Cup. 

The Pikes peak world cup was pretty real. With the promise of very high speeds and tight racing, Morgan hopped on a plane a headed to Colorado Springs to get tight and go fast!  Having the race at 11,000 feet elevation was a big thing for Morgan, he said, "within the first 100 yards of the track your already going 40 and you have to throw a drift! By the time you hit the first corner you were tired and wanted to take a nap!" The elevation messed with everyone, making it hard to exert such energy for so long! It was interesting to see top athletes and how they approached everything. With the big races pretty much out of the way, Morgan headed back to seattle and prepared himself for the Whistler Longboard festival! Gathered his rain coat and warm layers and hopped back into the van yet again! 

It was a wet one this year for Morgan and the crew as they headed off to Whistler Black Comb for the Whistler Longboard Fest. The racing was tight and there was some pretty interesting partying going on! Morgan didn't race due to a mess up in the filtering of the riders, but Lee Cation helped out and all feeling are positive! Thanks Lee! Nate and Striker got in a tickling battle and Levi Green became a bouncing ball on the dance floor! The fun times were had and people partied till the break of dawn! On race day, Morgan and Nate lurked around and watched as the riders dropped and the heats became tighter and tighter. One of the more eventful non-racing related items was watching Wolf get his underwear ripped off without him taking off his pants! Needless to say it was one of the more interesting events Morgan and team attended! 

The last event of the season for Morgan was the 2015 Santa Gnarbara Downhill. A gathering of friends from all of all over wandered their way into the mountains behind Santa Barbara and found haven at a stretch of pavement. The course was insane, so many dips and curves in the road! The lines were endless, some were sliding every corner, while others gripped and ripped! With a go pro attached to his head, Morgan had some close heats before being knocked out. After reviewing the footage, it was pretty turnt! While the rest of the team took runs down Maryhill, Morgan took runs in the sunny mountains of Santa Barbara. Stacking clips, taking as many scenic runs as he could. Morgan along with Levi Green and Fer Bailleres packed up Morgan's car and chugged their way back to Sac, where Morgan dropped off the homies and headed home! 

As the season comes to a close, Morgan reflects on his tours around the country and adds up the miles! Longboarding takes you many places, Morgan traveled alot and we are glad to have him be apart of the Omen Family!