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Omen Longboards Griffon - Video, Tech Talk, and Specs.

August 11, 2015

Sam Galus has been out skating the new Omen Longboards Griffon and has been filming with Nate Blackburn to create a new video showcasing the awesome functionality of the bi-directional deck, as well as how well it handles technical terrain. Just like the mythical animal, the OMEN Griffon is a creature that is made up of several different ideas, just like the Eagle Head and wings being put onto the body of a lion, the OMEN Griffon provides a topmount feel, but with features that would be normally associated with a Drop Deck. The thinking behind this is to provide a board that keeps the feet locked in and secure, all the while still providing the maximum amount of traction that a taller topmount has to offer.....

The Griffon features a small Micro-drop which bring the ride height of the deck closer to the ground by about 1/3 of an inch. This small drop allows the rider to dig their shoes into the deck and stay connected to the effective features in the boar, combined with the "griffon beak" located in the center of the drop it helps to keep your front foot from rotating during toeside slides, and while battling chunder. In the back foot the "griffon beaks" act as a "w" concave which allows you to keep your back foot in the middle of the deck while doing toesides and provides a reference point for quick edge to edge turning and drifting. The Griffon is 35.5" in length and features a 27.5" wheelbase which provides a compact package for a technical, fast free-riding board. Nate Blackburn provides a closer look at this board in this Griffon Tech Talk.

Here is the edit Featuring Sam Galus on the OMEN Griffon.

This video is filmed entirely in Washington State on roads that are all hidden deep in the Cascade Mountain Range. Sam Galus skates a variety of different wheels in this video to better suit the roads he is skating, but chooses to take the OMEN Griffon down every run.

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