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Flatspot Highway Jam x Nwest Media

April 12, 2016

Flatspot Highway Jam x Nwest Media

The Omen crew mounted up in the #mobileruckus and headed up to the land of maple syrup and rad downhill skaters for an epic weekend with Skate Invaders, Flatspot Longboards, and Team Pizza for some good ole' fashion fun. We brought along friend and photographer Dustin "monkey" Ascheman to capture all of the fun, and these photos represent a weekend of fun skating and great friends.

The inside of Flatspot Longboards without a party. The inside of Flatspot with a Party. (click link for video)

The weekend started off with an amazing party at the Flatspot Longboard shop hosted by Cam Frazier and Skate Invaders

Stumanchu, outlaw event organizer, skating the brackets down to the finish.

On Saturday we woke early to head over to the TEAM PIZZA Dank House to attend an awesome Coast Longboarding outlaw style event being held in a nearby neighborhood. 

Mack Wacey, out in front of every heat showing off his aerodynamic slickness.

It was a pretty awesome event until the final round when the Police came to the hill and kindly asked us to leave with naughty words and dangerous behavior, attempting to cut off many skaters mid way down a run. The actions were caught on tape and Officer Awesome quickly left us alone after realizing his mistake. #stayinyourlane

Mack Wacey celebrating with some Cariboo soda, and the coveted Outlaw Key Trophy.

After the outlaw we retired to the backyard of the TEAM PIZZA house for a bar-b-que extravaganza, where Papa Les and Flatspot came through with enough meat products to make a T-rex happy, and as the men were grilling up meat, the children were in the back alley playing around on a MOTORIZED DRIFT TRIKE, video captured by Alex Mof.

Highway Jam loaded with a bus full of skaters primed to have a good time.

On Sunday the morning started off by quickly hopping into Flatspot to register for a rad time on the Highway Jam. These events are a signature of the Flatspot shop, where they rent out a bus and pack it full of skaters and then drive those skaters to a bunch of really cool locations to skate as one big happy family.

Beloved Dread-head Cody Lux popping a fat early grab into the dirt short-cut.

The first hill that we went to was an awesome bike path that featured 7 awesome corners that were very difficult to navigate and forced skaters to drift and control their speed as they descended the tight quarters.

Nate Blackburn slides through a corner sporting some serious color matching!

After destroying the first hill the gang mobbed over to a nearby hill to shred a fun straight hill and get some awesome times in showing off some fun stunts and slides.

This nameless hero sporting some bright green wheels and a solid 1-handed slide.

After about an hour of skating and some stoked locals we decided that it was time to hit the road and head to the final spot, so we walked back up the hill and piled back into the van!

The Crew meanders back up the hill to get back on the bus and head to the next spot.

Once we piled back onto the bus it was time to head over to the third and final hill where things quickly got a little out of hand. The stoke level was high and the hill was dry which made for some awesome sending conditions. So the Flatspot team started to give things away to passer-bys.

Harlan slides by Mischa Farivar and snags himself a brand new t-shirt to wear.

This lil homie went for the super move of sliding at Cam Frazier to grab a shirt and have Cam jump over him... it didn't go as planned.

Duckdad Brad was having himself a good time sessioning with the locals.

Then Cam went and got Pizza.

Then everyone stopped skating for a bit and ate pizza.

After Pizza the day was over so we had to head back to Flatspot in order to make the journey back to reality and America. It was a great weekend of fun times and low pressure skating which raised everyone's spirits and created an inviting time for all.

Troy Yardwaste, with boombox, backpack, backup deck, and smiles heading back to the bus to journey back to Flatspot Longboard Shop.

This weekend was awesome and we couldn't have done it without the amazing support of the team from Flatspot Longboards, which includes: Mischa Chandler, Papa Les, Cam Frazier, Team Pizza, Coast Longboarding, the Stoop Skatehouse, Skate Invaders, Andy Grant, Troy Yardwaste, and Monkey!

Vancouver scene supporter Mischa is always happy to see people skate.

If you were stoked on these awesome pictures give our friend Monkey a follow on instagram. He is a traveling skater and Photographer who is constantly working on developing his craft, and getting out to where the getting is good!

Dustin "monkey" Ascheman in a rare second in front of the lens.