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The NEW Gold Standard // What We Changed for Version 2 - Free Wheel Co.

June 16, 2016

The NEW Gold Standard // What We Changed for Version 2 - Free Wheel Co.

Nate Blackburn showcasing the new FREE Dumbs.

After a long wait the new GOLD STANDARD Formula is here! There are a few things that we have changed about the FREE-Dumbs and the FREE-Willies to make them our best buttery freeride wheels ever. If you haven't seen the newest articles from Skateslate you can check that out HERE!

First time is a charm when Jackson Wells pilots the FREE Willies.

The first thing that we changed about the Gold Standard wheels was the formula. We tweaked the Urethane in a couple of performance improving ways in order to end up with the best freeride urethane possible. We went with a clear concoction to promote smooth wear, and smooth buttery drifts with a kick-out point that feels like spreading margarine across a warm pancake. This quality was important to us because we wanted a wheel that could be smeared all the way through a corner without ever wanting to ice all the way out to 90 degrees, but still have enough traction to be able to surf through the apex predictably. With the new Gold Standard Formula we have done exactly that, and they feel great.
Bleeding speed controllably, Nate Blackburn slips easily into this apex.

The second change that we made to the DUMBS and the WILLIES was to develop shapes that were exceptional from start to finish. We sought out shapes that wouldn't have a chance to get too lippy as they got smaller, and would provide a very consistent release and grip point whether they were brand new, or almost cored. This was very important to us because we know that wheels get small and eventually get cored, but too often a wheel starts to get lippy and unpredictable as it gets smaller, which makes us not want to ride them into the ground. But, not with the new shapes for the FREE-DUMBS and FREE-WILLIES. We selected shapes that had rounded lips, and thick interior walls of urethane. This thick interior wall on both shapes helps prevent the inner lip from compressing as much as our older shapes, and makes the wheel release smooth and predictably consistent by providing a constant, unchanging contact surface during the weighting and un-weighting of a slide, making the resistance on the wheel the same as it transitions from grip to slip. Also, the thick interior wall means that you do not end up with disastrously lippy shapes as you get close to coring the wheels.

Morgan Owens shows off his hard work with a set of cored and fresh Willies.

Here are the 2 shapes of the New Gold Standard Formula:

65mm tall
44mm wide
78a Durometer
Centerset Bearing Seat
Asymmetrical Lip Profiles
Stoneground Contact Patch
FREE DUMB Product Page

69mm tall
42mm wide
78a Durometer
Centerset Bearing Seat
Asymmetrical Lip Profiles
Stoneground Contact Patch
FREE WILLIE Product Page

Now, that you know what all the fuss is about check out the new GOLD STANDARD Release video featuring Jackson Wells skating the FREE Willies.

We also gave a set of the new GOLD Standard Wheels to Morgan Owens, and he was able to go out and capture a smooth and buttery raw run on the Prototype Willies.

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