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2017 Omen Catalog

February 14, 2017

2017 Omen Catalog

We know that you have been frothing to see what we are doing for 2017, and we are going to finally show you what we have been working on. First off, for Omen Boards we have divided up the line into 3 categories; Surfcraft, ATV, and Spacecraft. Surfcraft is filled with pre-built completes and cruisers, ATV is filled with skateboards and pool shaped decks, and Spacecraft is filled with our Tsunami Tech boards meant for freeriding, freestyle, and downhill. After that you will notice an expanded offering from Free Wheel Co, and some new colors and shapes of wheels.

For 2017 we are excited to be able to offer a more diverse lineup of boards, as well as a more appealing graphic selection, and better construction in our 2017 Tsunami Tech Construction with out switch to Bamboo, instead of Maple. You may also notice that the logo has changed as well. We have adjusted the Omen Logo for a more timeless look, and we have changed from Omen Longboards, to Omen Boards. We switched up the name, because we have been focusing on a broader offering of decks in the last 3 years, and it is about time to change the name to reflect this. 

Last but now least, we are going to be releasing a new website here shortly that is going to have a completely new theme and feel, and will have all of the 2017 lineup displayed. Look forward to the release of our new website in late February.

If you have any questions about the new Omen Boards, don't hesitate to ask-