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Scrapyard Project - Graphic Alternatives

October 27, 2016

Some graphic alternatives of classic OMEN Shapes with limited run graphics.

We have been working on clearing out room in our warehouse as we begin preparing for 2017, and we have been re-issuing and re-purposing lots of old decks at great prices. The deck featured in this article were all initially graphic blems from our days of screen printing. Sometimes the deck graphic gets scratched during the manufacturing process, and the board becomes a Factory 2nd. At this point we typically spray the boards completely black, and then stack them up and never look at them again, until now.

A stack of graphic blem decks collecting dust before the Scrapyard Project.

With the Scrapyard Project we have applied some new graphics that we had available in house at out Washington State manufacturing facility. So we combined these unused graphics and these dormant decks to introduce graphic alternatives of some of our classic shapes. These decks are factory 2nd decks meaning that they are already blemished in some way, but are still rideable, making them great boards to thrash through the Winter season, or a savvy pickup for a beginning free-rider who will inevitably destroy the deck through the learning process.

Malibu Graphic on a Buzzkill topmount.

Th Buzzkill is a versatile and snappy topmounted deck with a small kicktail, and large wheel wells great for slashing every feature, whether it is fun bottom turns or fast cutbacks, this board is great! So we matched up the Malibu graphic with a limited number of Factory 2nd Buzzkills, and now we have released them to the public.

Length: 36.5"
Width: 9.5"
Wheelbase: 21" - 26"
Effective Foot Platform: 31.5"
Weight: 4 lbs 14 ozs

.6" Radial Concave
.7" Tip to Tail Rocker
Small Kicktail
Wheel Wells

Warrior graphic on the classic Spawn.

We had some Factory 2nd Spawns that were sitting around collecting dust, so we decided to offer them up for a steal of a deal. We put a limited edition graphic on them, and are releasing them while supplies last on this temporary offering.

Length: 35.4"
Width: 9.75"
Wheelbase: 26.5" - 27.5"
Effective Foor Platform: 25"
Average Weight: 4 lbs 4 ozs

Bubble Drop Front
Micro Drop Rear
.5" Radial Concave Front
.5" T - Bar Concave Back

Champion graphic on the feature rich Griffon.

The Griffon is a feature rich deck with everything the bi-directional free ride enthusiast could want. We had a very limited quantity of decks that were all black so we applied some of our CHAMPION graphic to these decks, and have offered them up on the website at some great pricing. If you like what you see you need to act fast because there are less than 5 of these boards.

Length: 35.5"
Width: 9.75"
Wheelbase: 27.5"
Effective Foot Platform: 27"
Weight: 4 lbs 8 ozs

Bubble Drop (Griffon Beaks)
Power Camber (in middle)
.5" Radial Concave
.3" Power W Concave (in middle)

These boards are available in limited runs, and are available while supplies last. If you like a graphic but would like to see it on another board, just ask, and we will see what we can do! Email nate@omenlongboards.com

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