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CALI Vibes w/ Parker Schmidt

April 18, 2017

CALI Vibes w/ Parker Schmidt

Parker Schmidt here to tell you all about my awesome spring break California roadtrip that I took with my two friends to get to better weather, and some great roads!

As a Boise local, I’ve become accustomed to the brutal Idaho winters of being forced to go without riding for a couple dreadful months. I’ve always heard that California is the place filled with good vibes and sunshine, making it the ideal getaway location for skating. I decided to hit up my buddies from Skate Stevens; Max Hughes and Nick Thayer to see if they were down for a week long trip touring down the California coast. They were immediately down for the idea and we got to organizing what runs and passes we were wanting to hit, as well as getting in touch with rad locals that we wanted to rip with. As you’ll see in the following story, we definitely got down and sent it.

Left to Right - Max Hughes, Nick Thayer, Parker Schmidt

After taking the week long adventure down the California coast, I definitely understand what all the hype is with the SoCal hills. The #SPRANGBRAKEtour consisted of a nine day expenditure full of good vibes and mahalos with Max Hughes, Nick Thayer and myself, as well as some familiar Omen team faces along the way.

Skating the Famous One Way and enjoying the sun.

Our first decent in the Southern California hills of course had to be the ever so famous Malibu 1 way. After shredding this piece of gnar, I have much more respect for those who absolutely send it in raw runs down this janky and awkward piece of pavement.

I loved skating this awesome road, with plenty of bonus zones to dive into.


After skating these straight BURLY mountain bombers, I definitely feel more dialed with my hands down / fast freeride abilities. The mountains of Cali definitely have some wanderlust vibes associated with them.

Aidan showing some local knowledge on some horrendous chunder.

We then got to meet up with San Bernardino local Aidan Herrmann who showed us some epic mountain passes. Needless to say, the hectic conditions of the road caused things get pretty tight.

Enjoying the sun, sand, and short shorts on my Omen Mini.

We of course had to take a day off from the continuous days of skating to go vibe out at the beach, so the boys and I decided to cruise down to the pier and check out the local scene.

Struttin as Max Hughes takes my new Profile Pic.

One of my favorite runs that we got to hit was this surfy gem, tucked into the Cali hills. Lots of rolling corners and fun swooptys to get sucked away into. 

 Nick Thayer filming and skating with me down an epic road.

As we headed back up north we had to take the necessary stop in Mt. Shasta in order to meet up with Omen team rider Morgan Owens.

Big dog Morgan Owens caught me gripping and slipping into one of the corners of his #spliffn’wessonoutlaw race course

Nick Thayer and I shutting down after a burly run down one of my new favorite Mt. Shasta roads, Sender’s Point.

Taking a final run with the crew down a double digit leg burner.

Thank you to everyone who made this trip possible. From the locals showing us the hidden gems to the strangers who pointed us in the right direction. Major mahalos go out to Nick Thayer and Max Hughes for being the cudis they are along the way.
I hope you guys enjoyed this little summary on my California trip. If you guys would like to find out more about myself and what I’m up to, check out my WEBSITE! Mahalo my dudes!


Signing off from some corners on the California Coast.


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