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Grim - Overview, Rider Videos, Specs, and Features

September 29, 2016

Grim - Overview, Rider Videos, Specs, and Features

In 2016 we worked with Omen Longboards Team Rider, and longtime Seattle Scene Stoker, Rain Daley, to develop a downhill board with the intention of being a classic topmount, but still maintaining the high-tech features that Omen has become known for. Rain wanted a deck that would be agile and nimble for back to back corners, and high enough off the ground to provide maximum traction through drifts. So we sat down and worked hard to deliver exactly what he was looking for and here is what we came up with, the OMEN GRIM.

We worked together to develop a version of our Accelerated Rocker best suited for maximum traction while still providing a front reference point. By combining a Tri-Plane rocker and our Signature Accelerated Rocker, we were able to create a deck where the small pockets were targeted over a short distance, and used in the ideal foot standing zones. 1/8" of Rocker starts on both sides of the deck just inside of the mounting holes, and extends about 3" on each side into the deck. This gives the rider a small inclined surface to feel and push against for drifts and turns, and helps to keep the feet inside the trucks for the best weight displacement.

Parker Schmidt shlubbs a toeside from the comfortable back pocket.

A Progressive Radial Concave adorns the front of this board, and slowly includes a small 'W' Concave as you get closer to the back truck. Increased concave over the wheels, or 'Wheel Flares' give the deck lots of wheel clearance, but double as a reference point, and foot block. The Concave is smooth and comfortable where your feet would naturally stand, and as you expand your stance the Wheel Flares organically keep your feet centered on the deck to maximize the amount of leverage you can apply to the trucks.

Merritt Speirs strapped in down one of the scariest roads in America.

Made using the Omen TSUNAMI TECH, this deck has 8 plys of Maple, 2 Pieces of fiberglass, and a Thermoplastic bottom sheet. We substitute wood glue for EPOXY in order to reduce warping and increase rigidity. We make out boards this way because the performance and longevity of the decks is even higher than before and allows for our decks to stand the test of time.

Nate Blackburn gives a full overview of the Grim.

Length: 36"
Width: 9.675"
Wheelbase: 24"-26.5"

Front Concave: Progressive Radial + Wheel Flares
Rear Concave: Progressive Radial + center 'W' Concave + Wheel Flares
1/8" Tri-Plane Accelerated Rocker
Wheel Wells
Multiple Wheelbases
HUGE Wheel Clearance
Thermoplastic Bottom Sheet
OMEN GRIM webpage

Morgan Owens chooses the Grim to speed down this rough and rowdy road.

Grim brain-child, Rain Daley, tests himself on the 3rd steepest hill in Washington.

Nick Hanson chooses his Grim for a couple of quick skids at Sunset. Solano Photo.

Sam Flint staying dialed during a 6 second slide in NC.

Even when its wet, Rain stays gripped to his deck with the small micro-drop and flares.

To find out more on the Omen Grim, head HERE to check out more on this Awesome Technical Topmount.

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