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Behind the Raw Run w/ SkateSlate

September 05, 2016

Behind the Raw Run w/ SkateSlate

Nate Blackburn recently donned a microphone and bombed down a hill for our enjoyment, but there was a lot more that met the eye then the Single take Raw Run would leave you to believe. So SkateSlate did some digging and found out all of the ins and outs that went into finding, securing, skating, and filming the Raw Run for America.

Nate worked pretty hard scheduling to film this Mic'ed Up Raw Run on Skateslate, and was stoked to be able to provide a Behind the Scenes look of what typically goes into a video like this:

Finding the hill. (how to find hills)
Breaking into the Gated Community
Meeting the Neighbors
Orgainizing Cameras and Spotters
Prepping the Hill, Clearing Debris
Planning the drifts with the follow car driver
Assigning a designated Spotter and Course Closer
Learning how to skate the line
Dealing with patchy conditions
Bringing extra Pants to the Hill
Trying Multiple Times
Failing Multiple Times
Being Patient while the media gets released

Nate was using his Omen Airship for its Stiff Construction, Comfortable Pockets, and Micro-Dropped Stability.

Omen Airship
Length: 36.5"
Width: 9.5"
Wheelbase: 24.5" - 28.5"
Accelerated Rocker
Flush Mounts
Wheel Wells
Tsunami Tech Construction
Progressive Radial Concave

If you have not seen the "RAW RUN FOR AMERICA" it is posted below so you can give it a watch, excuse the language, Nate is very passionate about longboarding, and not falling off of his board.

Stay tuned with Nate and Omen Longboards on Instagram.

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