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Do you know Randy Bacon? - Interview with JM Banting!

April 28, 2016

Do you know Randy Bacon? - Interview with JM Banting!

JM Banting stops to smell the flowers differently than most of us do.

JM Banting has been skating forever in longboard years, and is still out attending events, getting media, and eating like a champion! He recently took a day off from slanging chips, and swung his-self down to Seattle to skate some sun with Nate Blackburn, and enjoy the finer spots Washington has to offer.

Heelside Skrrt through a fast lefty riding the OMEN Grim.

(nate) Jeremy Banting, we have been riding more and more as summer approaches, and people have been asking me more about you! Give us the stats: Age, years skating, where do you work, where do you live, skating style?

(banting) Well I think I'm 31, you kind of lose track after a while. I've been skating for something just over 10 years. As for work I sell potato chips, it really sounds cooler than it is though. It's a pretty ideal job for skating, I get to pick my own hours and stuff. I basically live just south of Vancouver BC. I don't really have a skating style it depends on the hill, but typically my goal is to make it to the bottom.

Small Wheelbase, small stance, big style.

(nate) So you have been around for a long time, and have been involved in the Coast Community for just as long. How has it been growing up in such an active community of riders?

(banting) I've been part of the Coast Community for what seems like forever now. Honestly it has been nothing short of amazing, not only growing up with everyone but getting the chance to race and skate with such good friends regularly.

When asked to do something in front of this scenic spot, Banting opted for the backwards tuck.

 (nate) What got you into Downhill Skating? Friends, proximity to terrain, adrenaline junkie?

(banting) I had a friend in high school who had two boards, he convinced me to go out one night and that was it. Boom, Hooked.

Clinging to a toeside through a gross, dropping right-hander.

(nate) You graduated highschool, own a car, are getting married, and are over the drinking age, all factors that normally push people out of Downhill. What has kept you going, and helped keep you skating at such a high level?

(banting) Yea haha it's weird how that seems to happen. I dunno, I guess there is such a thing as skating to much or being to involved in the industry. I've never really had an interest working in the skateboarding industry or taken skating too seriously. I pretty much don't skate at all during the winter, I'm usually at the rink playing hockey. Hahaha, high level honestly, I skate to have fun, If I do well racing thats cool if not it just means I get to drink beer, and thats cool too.

Tucking through the millionaire mansions, wearing a Llama shirt.

 (nate) Has traveling helped to shape your ideas about where you can go with DH Skating? 

(banting) Yes and no, I have always paid my own way. If I travel to skate it is because I want to go skate a road or explore new roads. That being said each trip for me is like a vacation. 

Jeremy Banting slippin backwards on his Fatty Trud.


(nate) You have been to events that a lot of people dream about, and live in a supreme location for Downhill Skating. What have been some of the highlights of your DH career?  (podiums, fun skate trips, shenanigans)

(banting) Danger Bay is always crazy, The Sullivan Challenge is by far my favorite race, It's basically a drag race into a roller coaster of an alley. Whistler used to get pretty hectic, especially with Griffin, Chubbs, and Grant around. Tables were flipped, food and hot sauce covered napkins were thrown, pools and hot tubs were poached. 

The super inside, a coveted place for those who pay their own health insurance!

(nate) You have ridden for Switchback Longboards, were there any ridiculous stories that came from a BUSSY trip?

(banting) Every trip is ridiculous, anytime Kelsey Crozier is driving you know you're in for a good time.


Style off the hill is just as important as style on the hill! Llama Shirt = bonus points.

(nate) Who is the most ridiculous/entertaining person you have been on a road-trip with?

(banting) Griffin Hopkins, those who know just know... (click HERE if you dont know Griffin)

Sir Bacon gets in the guts of this inside line.

(nate) What events do you plan on attending this year? Are there any events that you are organizing? 

(banting) This year I will be at Danger Bay, Jakes Rash, Brittania Classic, and The Saltspring Slasher 8. I took over organizing the Slasher this year, There will be some new stuff going on as far as racing and qualifying go. This race is notorious for having more runs than you can handle on the hill over the 2 day event. Check out the Facebook page.

This spot is steeper than it looks, Banting was impressed by the altitude drop through this righty.

(nate) On any normal day where is your favorite place to go and skate?

(banting) Not because I'm lazy or anything... but South Van alley bus runs is where I skate most of the time. 

Rippin a Fatty down a narrow sidewalk after a lunch break of beer!

(nate) How would you describe your diet? (Healthy, fat kid diet, surprised to be alive?)

(banting)I eat like a fat kid, sorry if that offends anyone but it's true. I've always been super active so until my metabolism catches up I think I'll be alright. 

Taking a break in the shade! Showing off the Aeras, Omen Grim, and Free Ballins.

(nate) What is your current setup? Deck, Trucks, Wheels?

(banting) 2016 Omen Grim, Aera k4's, and Free Wheel Ballins.

Omen Fatty Trud, Bear Kodiaks, and Free Quincys.

Fatty Trud, Kodiaks, Free Quincys and a LLAMA SHIRT.


(nate) Any Final Shoutouts, words of wisdom, call outs, Taylor Swift Lyrics?

(banting) I is who i is - I'm more of a Ke$ha fan( It's a Switchback thing).

Shoutouts to The man the myth the legend, Kelsey Crozier and the rest of the OG Switchback Crew and Everyone at Omen and Free Wheel Co. 

Banting OUT!