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Maryhill Spring Freeride X Nwest Media

April 29, 2016

Jackson Wells getting some in a tight pack of leathered up speedsters is his sweater, and jeans.

The Maryhill Ratz threw another great event (no surprise) in the heart of Washington state. This event is the kickoff of 5 maryhill events thrown by the RATZ, from now until the end of Summer. There are 4 freeride events, and one race. This was the first freeride of the year and it was an excellent time. 

Nate Blackburn admiring the scenic view as well as dreading the massive tail winds.

The weekend was filled with awesome mild temperatures, and high winds. The heavy winds were an exciting addition to the Spring Freeride because they were blowing down the valley that Maryhill Loops Road sits on, which means that for a large portion of the track the wind is actually pushing you down the hill and making you go faster than you would typically be able to. This was exciting because it was a great way for everyone to dust off the cobwebs after a long winter of thinking about skateboarding.

Rain Daley brushes off the cobwebs, while brushing off the inside line of hay bails.

We met up with everyone's favorite Monkey, Nwest Media, for the weekend of shenanigans to take photos, make memories, and get pitted. Dustin "Monkey" Ascheman is a seasoned photographer who has walked the corners of Maryhill countless times and has captured some amazing photos of skaters from around the globe. We love working with him for his unique perspective, happy attitude, and consistent willingness to work on new and exciting projects.

Local Hero, Jake Hotchkiss, glistening through 'cattle gate' as Monkey snipes the photo.

This was an awesome event not only because there were relatively few injuries but with the mild temperature it wasn't unbearably hot or uncomfortable. Sometimes the u-hauls can get so hot that people pass out in them on the drive up hill. Waiting at the top of the hill was popular at this Freeride, because there were no shortage of large packs to ogle at from the top lookout, and with large packs come a lot of close calls.

Tight pack in the making, with a double rainbow and a street luge piloted by MAMA Wilky!

There were some awesome spectacles at this freeride to witness as well. Just to mention a few there was a rocking horse, a gravity car, and a triple-drift trike. Pictures for Proof.

Gravity Car. Easily the fastest thing down the hill all weekend.

A rocking horse mounted to a deck, not as fast, but style has no barriers.

The human centipede of Drift-triking. 3 axles, 1 front wheel, 2 trailer hitches, 3 brothers. The Perkins Clan is years ahead of everyone else when it comes to drift trikes, that is a fact!

Besides the out of the Ordinary here are some shots of the gang rallying the hill. All photos were taken by Nwest Media, and he just developed his own website; complete with event, schedule, massive event photo collections, and a team of photographers.

Rain Daley with 3 pieces of road that connect to make up the 'spaghetti' chicane.

Everybody HOANG chung tonight. Eric Hoang is one of the most lovable guys at any event, and will surely make your day better than it was.

Nate Blackburn and Cody Lux smash through a right hand hairpin on a notably "not chill" run.

Robbie Berg has a balls to the wall style and we love to see him blast down Maryhill.

Parker Schmidt showing off his shiny new leathers.

Lastly we want to say thank you to all of the volunteers and organizers that work hard to make this event so easy to enjoy. Dean Ozuna, Ali Johnson, Cody Shea, The Perkins Clan, Miles Long, the Maryhill Ratz, Tad Drysdale, Dennis the Mennis, the hay crew, and the sweet, soft hay bails that save people from becoming airplanes.

If you like the pictures you see, you should check out the full album on NWEST MEDIA for this event. He gets out to all your favorite events and gets #bangersallday.

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