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#mobileruckus 2016 Event Schedule

June 09, 2016

#mobileruckus 2016 Event Schedule

SkateSlate Issue 28 Advertisement shot by Nwest Media.

The #mobileruckus is the gateway to shred-ventures for the OMEN team. Our 23 foot, Mercedes Sprinter van is our trusty steed that delivers our band of skaters to events both near and far. Last year we attended to Central Massachusetts Longboard event, and we had so much fun, and so many irreplaceable experiences that it made us want to travel even more and connect and explore as many scenes as possible.

So far in 2016 we have already completed 3 awesome road trips. The first was a massive undertaking as we drove from Seattle, Washington to Jacksonville, Florida for the awesome King Of Kona Event. We called this tour the #omensocotour. We developed 3 awesome videos showing the entire tour, as well as we made a ton of new friends on this 21 day adventure.
SOCO Video 1
SOCO Video 2
SOCO Video 3

The squad preparing for the photo shoot of our newest mixtape.

After that we headed from Seattle to San Diego for the #omenburritotour. This expedition left us with the opportunity to travel and see a large amount of shops, and skate some really fun roads with some rad people. I would say that it was one of the best tours in regards to the level of skating as well as the level of fun we had, but really it all came down to the fact we got to leave Rainy Seattle to drive to Sunny Socal and skate. It took us a fun and exciting 17 days to meander our way from Seattle to San Diego and back, but we made it.

After that we attended the 15th Danger Bay for what we called the #dbaytour. The Dbay Tour was an exciting 10 day trip that gave us the opportunity to attend 3 world class events in 1. Danger Bay, Jakes Rash, and the Britannia Classic. This event selection was awesome and featured 3 completely unique roads and a lot of time spent ripping with 100+ skaters. We would recommend this to anyone who hasn't seen the Coast Longboarding Community, or attended 3 events in 10 days, which is one of the Best Bang for your Buck opportunities out there.

The boys out for a rip on the California Coast.

Currently we are starting out #omenbackdoortour. This tour is going to be a gathering of a bunch of quick rips out to local events near our home base in Seattle, giving us the opportunity to take quick weekend trips up to great events. We also have a number of people flying in from out of town to help make these trips even better. Morgan Owens, Nick Hanson, Parker Schmidt, Fitz Illingworth, Monkey Ascheman, and Wes Eldridge are all converging in Seattle to meet up with Nate Blackburn and rally around in the RUCKUS and help spread the Stoke From Kamloops, BC to Whistler, BC, and down to Maryhill, WA.

Dates and Stops for the BACKDOOR TOUR
June 10 // Kamloops Longboard Park Bar-B-Que
June 11-12 // Skate Sun Peaks, an UNKLE event 
June 18-19 // Maryhill G-Ride, Arguably the best Pack skating Freeride
June 21-25 // Maryhill Showdown at the Loops, formerly the Festival of Speed
June 27-29 // Giants Head Freeride, Arguably the best technical freeride.
July 1-3  // Whistler Longboard Festival, Awesome Event, Awesome-er Vibes
July 9-10 // Salt Spring Slasher, Candidate for best event you never heard of

After that we re-group for a couple of weeks, and then we head out to the East coast for the #omencenmasstour. This tour is selected to attend the Central Mass Slide Jam and Race in Harvard, Massachusetts, one of the biggest events on the East Coast. During this tour we are going to be working with Local Shops and Communities to hold Demos to get people out on the new #tsunamitech boards, and stoking people out on the grassroots level. 

Itinerary of Events for the Beast Coast Tour:
July 24 // Mt Tabor Downhill, Fun old school event.
July 29 // Native Boarders Slide Jam, Cenmass Warm up
August 5-7 // Central Mass Skate Festival, biggest east coast event?
August 20-21 // Tad's Birthday freeride, who can say no Maryhill!

Morgan Owens somewhere outside of Bakersfield.

If you are looking to meet up with the #mobileruckus at any time for a demo, at an event, or on the road reach out and let us know! We are always excited to spread the stoke, and grow the stoke whenever possible. If you need to catch a ride you can always ask the Mobile Ruckus Captain, Nate Blackburn directly via either Facebook, or send an email to nate@omenlongboards.com.

We are going to be driving through towns across the UNITED States, and if you would like the Ruckus brought to your spot we are happy to be there! Just hit us up and we will do our best!

Dates subject to change as we are all skaters, and sometimes things happen.