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Lexus Cabanting reviews the Sugarkick

March 02, 2016

Lexus Cabanting reviews the Sugarkick

Lexus Cabanting has graced us with a splendid performance as he reviews the OMEN Longboards Sugarkick. He goes in depth on the features of the deck as well as the specific dimensions of the platform and wheelbase. 

Lexus stays locked in on the pockets during a steep and chundery slide.

He has been skating the Sugarkick for quite a while now and will be sure to blow your mind with some of his technical tricks as well as his amazing style.

Stopping time as Lexus is capturedin the middle of a complicated 270 shuv-it slide.

The Sugarkick has some beefy pockets to keep you locked in for your long slides, and keep your feet from jumping around when you start to hit inconsistencies in the road. 

Picture Perfect as the sun shines on a steezy stalefish grab slide.

The Sugarkick also has a really nice kicktail that can get you out of a tight pinch but will also allow you to ollie the board up some curbs or down a flight of stairs. 

Lexus showing textbook from during a moment of his toeside slide.

And that is a wrap from Lexus on how awesome the Sugarkick is. We have lots of media on the Sugarkick, and would be stoked if you checked out this other video of the Sugarkick being ripped up and down our hometown of Seattle HERE.