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#omensocotour Recap 3 of 3

March 19, 2016

#omensocotour Recap 3 of 3

This is the third and final episode of the OMEN Southern Comfort Tour. This episode primarily focuses on the King of Kona skatepark event. This event is one of the premier focuses of our year, because it takes place right in the middle of January which means that it is the perfect time during the rainy season in Washington to be able to get away and skate in the sunshine. The victory was achieved when the road tripping #mobileruckus van reached Jacksonville, Florida and lived up to the true purpose of the #omensocotour, which was to make it all the way to the event in one piece.

Nate Blackburn leads Troy Yardwaste through the Famous Kona Snake Run. Photo by @aero.media.

The event was a total success even though Saturday posed some adverse weather all 100+ participants were in good spirits because the camp site was at the bottom of the Snake Run which meant that there was plenty of lingering and lurking to be had, and event organizer Cam Frazier made sure that there was enough pizza and beer to keep everyone in good spirits! 

Kona at night is still a pretty place to be. Photo by @nwest.media.

The King of Kona event features 4 events: Mini-ramp jam, Pool Competition, Snake Race, and the Tombstone Best trick. There is also an award for the weekend warrior which was won by Troy "yardwaste" Grenier for his superb performance not only in the park but at the party! He consistently brought the party where-ever he was and was often seen sporting his Kangaroo Onesie, frequently making people laugh and raising the bar of fun, whether that meant jumping on the fire to make everyone, or getting tackled by little Kai Monroe laugh Troy made it happen!

Troy coming to grips with his triumphant Weekend Warrior victory! 

Steven Pineiro was the Event winner with 3 firsts and one second place, including his amazing 1st place finish on the infamous Tombstone Best Trick. Photo by Monkey.

Check out all of these awesome trophies and prizes that were won over the course of the 3 day weekend event. 

Thanks to SkateSlate magazine for providing some amazing turn around time on the daily recap videos and getting them posted the same day that they had happened. Videos filmed and edited by Wes Eldridge of Aero.Media for the daily recaps.

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